Sexual dysfunction and infertilty

Sexual dysfunction and Infertility in Gorakhpur

Sexual dysfunction can affect anyone at any age but is very common in couples struggling with infertility. It is important for couples undergoing treatment for infertility should be aware that some type of sexual dysfunction eg premature ejaculation, performance anxiety or erectile dysfunction is common. They should be willing to accept support when it is needed can help couples to keep the intimacy of their relationship during this challenging time.

What could be done to help?

  •  Focus on your relationship as a couple -first you are husband and wife (not just parents-to-be).
  • Talk about sex.
  • Face your sexual challenges as partners.
  • Do it anyway! Sex encourages intimacy.
  • Avoid ritualized, mechanistic, procreative approaches to sex.
  •  No blame game please .
  • Make time for lovemaking not baby making.
  • Plan sexual activities that are playful, enjoyable, or interesting, especially during non-fertile times.
  • Find alone time for the two of you.
  • Play together…whatever that means to you.
  • Devote time to activities and interests that you enjoy together.
  • Don’t let infertility be all you do or talk about.
  • Know that your fertility does not define you.
  • Know that sexual challenges during this time are normal.
  • Seek help and know you are not alone.


Talk to your Doctor/ counsellor and seek therapy or treatment. Focus on making Love - Baby is byproduct remember it

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